Associate Professor Chen Yu Ling from August 9 to 12, 2005 by the Mediterranean Association Travel Club Co., Ltd. (Club Med) invited to China Dongao Island Resort to participate in college exchanges. Club Med is an industry representative who has been working in the past five years for graduating from overseas students, and is regularly engaged in the internship program. This exchange will help to remind the students of the future internship, Job Opportunities for Graduates.

Skates ice hockey championship

Congratulations The Straight Row Team was held from September 4 to 6, 2005, at the 13th National In-Line Ice Hockey Inline Hockey Championship, held in the Datong Sports Center in Taipei City, organized by the China Ice Hockey Association. Won the national championship.

Department of Leisure Sports, Taiwan Sports University

Taiwan Sports Sports University Association of Leisure Sports Association was held on August 20, 2005 (Saturday) at 10:00 am, the first meeting of the General Assembly and the supervisors' Director Zhan Mingren alumni presided over the Department of Leisure Sports Department Chen Weizhi led the department to lead the staff from the side to help, and at the end of the meeting held tea party contact friendship.

The Department of Leisure Sports has set up the "Ministry of Leisure Sports Branch" in the Republic of China in 2002. He has also set up a four-year leisure sports department in 85 years in line with the planning of the three schools. Since then, in the pursuit of teaching and research excellence, in the Republic of 90 years to set up a "leisure sports management research institute", to provide students with better resources. Speaking from the speech of the Director of the Department of Leisure Sports in Taiwan Sports University, Mr Chan said that he would enhance the interaction between the Friends of the school and the younger brother and sister in the school. University Leisure Sports Association, and may be able to set out the future of the Friends of the future direction of the development of alumni resources to strengthen the integration of support for the formation of the most important groups with links.

Friends of the Association Group photo