This program is a compulsory course for students. It is necessary to take a two-year credit course for the academic year. It aims to promote the training and promotion of leisure sports, leisure and sports management and leisure sports research and planning, and training of civil society and civic camp Employees of the enterprise staff leisure activities design talent, and set the standard of student practice points.

The internship is mainly carried out in the first semester of the third semester to the fourth semester (including the course). Students are mainly engaged in the internship during the summer period. In the "internship (a)" course in the second semester, The number of hours of internship should not be less than 320 hours in principle, of which one third of the time should be no duty of duty. In fact, the internship unit shall not be less than 320 hours, Sex work, cold, summer internship to the principle of the whole day, the internship in the semester does not affect the school extracurricular time.

This department cooperates with the internship unit. In addition to the units that are allowed to participate in the internship course, the internship instructors are arranged to go to the practice place to supervise and examine the student internship effect. Under the cooperation of the two parties, they have the responsibility of jointly maintaining the safety and performance of the students' workplace. Students to workplace internships need to write internship logs, work reports and self-evaluation table for the workplace, practice teachers to complete the practice assessment.

In addition to the internship in the above semester operation, the Department is also planning to start in the 106 academic year (107 February), arranged for the fourth grade next semester to the workplace for "full-time operation." Aims to improve the competitiveness of students employment, so that students in the last semester of college career have to join the workplace, the specific employment convergence.