The system is an independent teaching unit, but for the effective use of resources, the two units are the administrative organization of the operation, teachers and students engaged in academic research work, focusing on sports, sports and leisure. The "Faculty of Leisure Management", "Leisure Management", "Leisure Management", "Recreational Facilities" Leisure experience "," leisure leadership "and so on, the Institute has a full-time from all over Taiwan and leisure-related areas of study with interest, the master's thesis research topics fully reflect the graduate thinking and research ability, student background diversity The difference between the simple academic research into different elements, in different experiences and thinking to produce more in line with the leisure sports industry research theme.

The Institute has been working in the 105th academic year (September 2005) to combine the research curriculum with the practice industry to promote the integration of the academic and academic research in the field of production and cooperation, large data and digitization. In order to meet the social development trend, Leisure-related areas of development is extremely rich, the results of academic research and practical application of the value!